Vladstudio Companion

Vladstudio Companion 1.0

The best of Vladstudio, straight to your desktop!


  • Installs quickly
  • Easy links to extras online


  • Some wallpapers can make your icons hard to see

Very good

Lots of you are already be familiar with Vladstudio, home to some of the loveliest wallpapers on the Internet. The studio is always releasing new mini-works of art and so none of their users will ever miss a new release, they have developed a tool to make keeping track of their wallpapers - and exploring the whole range - a little bit easier.

Once installed, Vladstudio Companion allows you to set a new Vladstudio wallpaper by double clicking on the taskbar icon. This is a great method, as not only do you get a new desktop at the click of a button, you can also forget about screen size and resolution options, as Vladstudio Companion decides for you. If you don't like the wallpaper, click again and you'll get a new one.

By right-clicking the Vladstudio Companion icon, you'll see a number of options. You can configure the tool to notify you about new wallpapers or automatically set a new one at a given time period. These features can, of course, be disabled, and you can choose how often a new wallpaper is set - from every hour to every 999 hours!

Vladstudio Companion also saves all the downloaded wallpapers to a customizable folder, so if you have already seen one you want to keep for a longer period, you can look for it in the folder, set it as wallpaper, and disable all any of the Vladstudio Companion auto-change functions you have set.

If you like Vladstudio wallpapers, you'll love Vladstudio Companion!

Vladstudio Companion


Vladstudio Companion 1.0

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